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  • Add-Ons

    • MultiPack Visual C++ Installer 2.8 - [Win 7,8,10] - (December 2020 Edition) A simple GUI packaged installer for all the latest MS Visual C++ redistributes.  This is needed to get Sketchup Make 2017 working, because there are some really specific runtime requirements that only this program fixes. Weblink

    • .Net Framework v1.1 -[Win XP, XP64] - This add-on is needed for a lot of programs, one in particular is VariIconsRevolve.

    • .Net Framework v2.0SP1 (64bit) - [Win XP64] - This add-on is also needed for VariIconsRevolve.

    • .Net Framework v4 (32&64bit) - [Win XP,XP64]- Microsoft .Net framework 4.  This is needed for many things, but among them, Sketchup 2014.

    • Root Cert Updater v1.6 - [Win XP,XP64] - This utility will update the root certificates on a Windows XP station.  You'll need this if you want to use the Chrome browser.

    • Windows Imaging Component (64bit) - [Win XP64] - Microsoft Windows Imaging Component for Windows XP64.  This is needed for Sketchup 2014.

  • Updates